Monday, April 1, 2013

Ode to My Last 6 Weeks of Grad School

Oh, dear, I have such bad senioritis
It makes me wonder what the meaning of life is

While I sit here with measly amounts of motivation
I can’t help thinking how much I crave a vacation

It makes me question my life’s choices
And wonder if I’ve listened to the right voices

I kind of, sort of like what I’m doing
Yet I’m still so unsure of the direction in which I’m moving

I have to fight myself to do anything
Because all I do, doth not joy bring

I wish it would go away
I fear I’m about to become a meal en flambé

I’d really like to not get roasted
“To success and happiness!” I’d rather get toasted

But all I want to do is read and for-the-fun-of-it write
And follow a literary path in which my future is bright.

This perfectly shows how I feel on a daily basis...  Head.Desk.

Poet-ed at 11:30 pm, in the dark, when I should have been asleep for an early class. 


  1. haha i love those three pics.

  2. I LOVE THIS BLOG! I am so excited you have it and that you write more frequently. Also, I'm so proud of you. I seriously look up to you so much. Almost done with GRAD school, and now you're a high-time professional. And no doubt the best of the bunch. I just think you're so great. And if you can't tell I'm a little giddy right now that you have this blog so I can feel more involved in your life :) I love you "About Me" section. Super cute! This is all just great!