Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gotta love that OLD BOOK smell

I'm trying to keep my book expenses down. Which is a hard thing to do when all you want to do is read all day long. But, I'm trying.

I'm also trying to not buy a bunch of books I'm super excited to read because, let's face it, I have 4 weeks or so left of school and way more assignments than I know how to finish in time. If I have books I'm dying to read...guess who doesn't get to graduate? Me.

Keeping those two efforts in mind, but still needing to get some book shopping in to keep my sanity, I went to Half Price Books the other weekend.


A really old copy of Treasure Island for only $8...

Can you guess when it was printed? 

I'm still a little amazed by it...

See that?! 1919. 


What the?! How did I get a book printed in 1919 for only $8?

I don't even know.

First page:

I honestly don't know when/if I'll ever read this. 
But you better believe I love having it!! 
I just wish there were some writing in it from previous owners; 
I always find that fascinating.

First thing I did when I realized how old it was? 

You guessed it - 

Flipped the pages open to the middle,
Stuck my nose in it
And breathed in as deeply as my lungs would allow.

Then, smiled. 

What's your favorite thing about old books?

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