Sunday, April 7, 2013

Celebrating Divergent - Four/Tris Day

If you've read my past posts and pages, you've gotten a little taste of my love for Veronica Roth's Divergent series.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Yesterday, April 6, was celebrated by Divergent fans as FourTris day. The two main characters of Divergent are Tris and Four (whose real name is Tobias). I want to be like Tris, I want to marry Four. Tris inspires me to not let my fears control me. Four is by FAR my favorite fictional male character.

(After Four is Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare, fyi).

What does FourTris day even mean, you ask?

A major part of the story is the Dauntless initiation. And a main part of initiation is the fear landscape.

What's Dauntless? What's a fear landscape?

Dauntless is one of the 5 factions of Chicago's utopian society (or you know, dystopian as Tris later finds out). The factions are 5 groups of people who believe the focus on different virtues as the best way to live in a healthy and safe community. The Abnegation believe in selflessness. The Candor believe in truthfulness. The Erudite believe in knowledge. The Amnity believe in peacefulness.

And the Dauntless believe in bravery.

I'm not telling you what the fear landscape is. You'll have to read the book to find out.

But the 4/6 that inspired the celebration on April 6 is from the fear landscape and the fears of Four and Tris. The "four" and "six" serve as a strong bonding moment for them.

And of course, a strong bonding moment for us readers to these amazing characters and their relationship.

So, to celebrate my favorite book, favorite couple, favorite author, favorite protagonists, favorite love interest, favorite everything, I...

#1 - Dressed in all black like the Dauntless

Most of the day I wore black yoga pants and my black IronMan t-shirt. 
Then I wanted to dress up nicer for "going out" 
(which was just Ihop for dinner and Walmart for groceries). 
Though most Dauntless wear tight black pants, 
I agree with Marlene in Insurgent - the girls should wear skirts more. 
Who cares if people see your underwear, as long as you're kicking their trash?!

#2 - Painted my nails black

#3 - Put on dark black eye make-up

#4 - Gave myself a "tattoo" of the Dauntless faction symbol, flames.

There's my IronMan shirt. 
I think Tony Stark would certainly be Dauntless
 if he lived in Divergent's world. 
He's an example of Dauntless and Erudite 
combining for good, rather than evil. 

I'm not good at drawing without mistakes, 
so Sarah suggested tracing my previously drawn 
Dauntless flames 
onto a paper towel and then tracing that onto my skin. 
It worked great. 

#5 - Had a self-photoshoot of intense, angry, dauntless-like faces

And some fun faces, too, 
because that is what I do
and who I am.

#6 - Took pictures reading the book.

("Oooh, there's a good part close to this random page I opened up to...")

("Yeah, there it is! 'Did I just hear you call me your boyfriend, Tris?' Gah!!!")

Seriously, Sis - your eyes looking stunning. 
You should wear eye liner more. 
It makes your blue eyes pop.
Remember Christina doing Tris' eye liner?
"I'm not going for pretty, I'm going for noticeable." 
Luckily for you, Sis, you got the pretty 
AND the noticeable going for you.
Work. It.

#7 - Went to Ihop (because it was 11 and everything else was closed) 
and read while waiting and eating. 

#8 - Got so sucked into re-reading my favorite parts, that after we went  grocery shopping and finally got home at 2am, I stayed up and finished re-reading my favorite Four/Tris scenes until 4 am.

No pictures there, sorry. 
 photo about-page-divider4_zps945e21e9.png
My first Four/Tris day was great!

It was also General Conference weekend, so while geeking out about Divergent, I also had my spirit filled. Fantastic! Check it out here.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again many, many times: Divergent is amazing. It is, by far, my favorite book series. Veronica Roth is my hero. It is because of her, her story, and her blog, that I finally realized how much I want to write and began to think that maybe it would be possible for me to do so. Her story got my creative juices flowing like nothing else EVER has and I finally got an idea that could be woven into a story. Without reading her book, without the flame of desire for writing being brought into the light because of her, I would not have been able to survive the past 8 months as well as I have. I would be a different person than I am now. And though there are some major things in my life that are incredibly difficult and I wish I could change, I like who I am becoming and the path I am on.

And all of the start of that, I owe to Veronica Roth and Divergent.

I should also mention I was introduced to the book through my amazing friend McKenzie. Thanks, Kenz, for the recommendation!!

This is going to be a good year for Divergent with the final book coming out in October and the movie coming out next March.

In fact, next Four/Tris day I should be able to watch Divergent the movie! (of course, for at least the second time, because I will be at the midnight release of that one!)

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  1. Haha! Thanks for the shout out! I'm so glad you love the book. I told you it was AMAZING! Every time I see you post something about Divergent on Pinterest it makes me smile! Love ya!