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 For as long as I can remember my dad has called me outracheous. As in, outrageous. “My outracheous Rachey,” that’s what he’d call me. I’d hear it and I’d smile, hoping that I lived up to that name. That I was unique, that I mattered, that I had something to offer the world. All while being a little bit silly.

This blog is an attempt to make that true.

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 I am in my mid-20s. Here is my favorite baby picture. How cute was I?!

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I am getting a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy

I live in Texas  (notice the boots – I’m on the left. On the right is my sister)
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 I am the youngest in my family

I live with a chronic illness

I love reading more than almost anything else
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 I am LDS and a returned missionary

I really enjoy making faces – cute faces
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 My favorite TV show is Supernatural. Also, Once Upon a Time, Castle, Vampire Diaries... I watch too much TV...

I love wearing skirts, especially the maxi variety

I was in band in high school, played the trumpet and french horn.
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 I am the definition of an introvert – not shy, just more focused on my inner-world

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The purpose of this blog is for me to write. About anything. A desire to write has recently risen in me; to write my experiences, my feelings and thoughts, fiction, novels, short stories, my personal history, the human condition – anything.

Except, being in school for therapy means that I only ever took one literature class and the only writing class I took was specific to writing in the social sciences. And though I absolutely love doing therapy and plan on doing it for a long while, I want more.

I want to read for fun, more than I do now. I want to write and actually have people read my words. Someday, yes, I want to have a novel published. But because I did nothing in school to help me know how to write, I have to figure it out on my own.

Therefore, a big purpose of this blog will be to chronicle that journey.  My literary journey – the one that excites me more than any other journey I’ve been on.

The thing I love most about reading, and by extension, writing? C. S. Lewis said it best:
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 That is my favorite thing about reading – whether it’s a novel, non-fiction, scriptures, sermons, talks, motivations speeches, a Facebook post, a pin on Pinterest, or (wouldn’t you know it?) a blog. We read to feel something new and to see our own feelings and experiences put to words by another.

That is what I hope this blog can be –

a way to be uniquely, outRACHeously me,

while at the same time

reaching out to countless others,

in their own uniqueness,

helping them all feel

for just for a moment,

a little less

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Please feel free to email me at:

rachel (dot) ballard (dot) blog @ gmail (dot) com

You should also know that Ballard isn’t really my last name. Rachel is my first name, don’t worry. And Ballard is a family name with ancestor’s whose lives I greatly admire. But being a therapist, it is important for me to be able to write freely without worrying about clients google-ing my name and finding out more about me than is beneficial for their therapy. Those of you who know my “true identity,” (that makes me feel like a superhero saying that – I regret to inform you that I am not), please don’t put my last name in any comments.  If it shows up anywhere, I will have to delete it. I appreciate everyone’s understanding with this. Thanks!

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  1. Marching band ftw! I was also a band geek. I played flute :)