Saturday, March 30, 2013

Note to Self - an explanation

I've started reviewing the books I read. Not all of them yet. I mean, I've read 13 books in the month of March alone and it would be very difficult to review all of those in my last few months of graduate school. But, I am reviewing, which is a totally new thing for me.

The reviews are going to be titled Note to Self. Because after I read a book, in my mind I summarize something from my experience of reading and make a mental note of it.

So, when you see:

Note to Self - book title,

that means it's a book review. Feel free to comment and start a conversation about the book.

And I just have to say - we're a quarter of the way through the year and I've already read 26 books.


This makes me happier than I know how to express.


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  1. that's a LOT of books girl. i wish i could claim that statement as mine too. dangit. haha i'm reading the last Fablehaven right now and love it-it's a good fun read.